My hateful world… welcome!

I have always feared sharing my opinion. Not because of being judged for having a contrary opinion but because I simply am never aware enough to support it effectively. What we say in public forums often shape others’ thoughts, makes them think otherwise or influence them. That is why it is important to be accurate in facts and information. We cannot mislead people around us just because we believe this to be a version of truth.

But right now, I am tired of feeling stifled, of having the patience to read better, listen carefully so that I can award the much-needed benefit of doubt to everything going wrong in the world. I do that. I am very generous in giving the benefit of doubt to everyone, but there are always exceptions.

This is not a political post. Well, it can become one, but I am planning to write a least edited (only for grammar) post because it is exactly all these edits and sanity checks that make us so cautious of what we truly want to fearlessly believe in and say out loud.

I do not enjoy babies and little kids so much. I don’t understand what’s the big deal, why they cannot be ugly or are always cute/ adorable. They are okay. To me they are little people who hopefully will not grow into idiots, read well, be honest and sincere. To me these qualities matter much more than being cute.

I don’t think it is important to pro-create. As humans, we have a thinking mind to decide whether we want that responsibility or not. Whether you want the burden to create a legacy. Whether bringing in another person in this world, as it is now, is fair to him/ her. Whether it is okay that you plan your future around your children taking care of you in your old age? What if they turn out to be assholes regardless of your nurturing? What if they want a job/ life far away and cannot pursue it because they already have a ‘job’ sorted out for them?

I don’t think that in this day and age, girls should be asked to move out of their own house into their husband’s, after marriage. It is simply not fair. At all.

I don’t think women are better than men. I don’t think men are better than women. I think we each have our strengths and weaknesses. They can be wonderfully combined to become a strong unit. I do not believe in one-upmanship basis gender. Except our physical definition, there are only personality attributes that make one better than the other. Anyone can be smarter, stronger, fitter, prettier… anything.

I don’t enjoy being told what to eat, when to eat. I trust myself to be as accommodating as possible to everyone around me. so please don’t tell me that Sai Baba asked everyone not eat meat on Thursdays.

I don’t like being forced in to religious traditions. I believe religion is a very private matter, how I practice it is my business only. I am religious and have faith in god or a super power that does have a role in our lives. Maybe it is because I don’t have the nerve to be responsible for every fuck up in my life and I like to say “Why god! Why me?”- even though I know it’s all my doing 😉

I resented being told that I am ‘the girl’ and that I will always have to adjust and adapt. I do not know of a single boy whose parents brainwashed them into believing this since they were born. Now adapt and adjust are the two most abhorred words in my life. I still do both but like to believe that I am being choosy about it. I am fooling myself, I know that.

I absolutely hate humour based on wives, especially by married men, most of whom are happily married to their lovely wives. “Where are you?” from a wife is nosey and insecure, from a husband is protective and caring. What the fuck!

I don’t judge abortions and pre-marital sex. Both so overrated. Abortion procedure is a medical marvel and any women undergoing it consensually should be allowed to, whether married or not. Sex,in itself, is soooo overrated and private that we shouldn’t even bother commenting on it if it’s not between you and your partner.

I detest the new broadcast regulations. Words like condom, vagina, boobs, sex, blowjobs are being considered taboo but clitoris is okay because the idiot censors didn’t know the meaning. This happened. Having five-year-old girls dance sensually on chikni chameli on national television is okay but a smoking a cigarette on screen is blasphemous.

Wow! That’s a lot of hate. Next post, about things I like.

Unfortunately, this post was one of the easiest that I have ever written. Imagine the bile stored in our systems. I have been mulling over writing something like this for a very long time. Some time ran out of time, sometime out of nerve. Over the years, I have receieved a lot of flack for having these opinions but I am now confident of what I like and don’t. This list, as we grow up (never old) can either go longer or tighter. I wish mine remains short and tight. Who wants to spend the rest of thier lives hating when there is so much wonder around us.

Leaving this with a 🙂

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