The Big Step

The first post has given me sleepless nights. It should not have since it’s a blog and it’s free will. But I am very nervous writing this because this is a big step for me.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember and my only audience has been me and sometimes my sneaky cousins. No, wait, one time I read passages to my best friend at school and her then boy friend. It was about them. And another time, I think Nikhil read some bit. Overall, the only pieces I have ever made public are all on Facebook. As status updates!

In order to change the situation here, it was important to first decide to join the band wagon and have sleepless nights wondering what I am going to write about. Critical question which kept me up for long when epiphany struck and I decided, I simply cannot write to please anyone but me. As that’s what I have been doing all my life.

Welcome to my small-big world. If you stick out beyond this post, then you will find that it indeed is small-big.

I don’t have too many passions (thus small), but the few I have are cluttered at many levels (thus big). I will write about bacon. About shoes. About Spice Girls. About Forrest Gump. About bacon, again. About Chinese food. About Marian Keyes…

Because these are a few of my favorite things…


12 thoughts on “The Big Step

  1. I love this girl for always being herself and i am sure this blog is going to go a long way since it is going to be all about her! Way to go my love, i am waiting for more 🙂

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  2. They say well begun is half done, considering that a truly propitious start. Also where’s the bacon ?? 🙂


  3. I am already a fan… love the fact that i am going to hear some genuine stuff on this blog, someone who is going to real and just write what she feels… so waiting for more 🙂

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